Architecture Services.

Architecture services: Quality guaranteed by MCO Enterprises Ltd.

I am committed to giving our clients the best personal attention and professional care to protect their interests. I aim to achieve a consistently high standard of detailing, product integration, pre contract and on site administration, to achieve excellent and dependable result.


We have been in the forefront of progressive architecture for over 34 years. Our principle objective is to contribute to a better quality of life by creating buildings and places of appeal and character.

We combine design talent with professional management skills and extensive technical support. These powerful resources enable us to give our clients effective advice and attentive service throughout the life of their projects.

We have developed a well structured working method to co-ordinate the performance of the design team and positively manage building contracts.

Through inventive design we obtain effective planning approvals and financial performance for our clients. Our careful analysis of users’ needs enables us to design highly functional accommodation and efficient technical systems.

Our formula for success is, in essence; well based, cost efficient, imaginative architecture.


Our Practice is distinguished by the character and drive of the individuals who run it. We demand and achieve the highest performance. Our people combine creative flair and technical skill with management ability and commercial acumen. Through forming personal relationships with our clients we identify with their aspirations and targets. We always apply commitment, energy and tenacity to bring projects to completion on time, on budget and to the highest standards. Our architects have built solid reputations for design quality, cost consciousness and attentive management.


Image & Operation

Our articulate design concepts instil image and style into a project. Both are important in attracting occupiers and projecting the character of their organisations. We have worked for many years in the urban design field, with developers, occupiers and letting agents, to provide sensible and sensitive products. Seifert architects are supported by our experienced interior design and building services departments, enabling us to offer a broad service to clients including a strong fit-out design and management capability. The architecture and interior design are thereby fully integrated with the air conditioning and services installation, computer and office equipment provision and communications and security systems. Occupier’s organisations are analysed and computerised space planning undertaken to achieve efficient user operation, a high level of comfort and maximum flexibility.

Key Strengths

  • 2500 major projects spanning all types of development.
  • Workforce of over 7 dedicated professionals.
  • National and international operational network
  • Multi-disciplinary capability of architecture, urban design, services engineering, landscape, graphics and interior
  • design.
  • Specialist design department with many recent competition successes.
  • Powerful project administration and inspection services.
  • Computer drafting bureau.
  • Energetic management board with complementary skills.
  • Financial structure capable of resourcing large scale, long term projects.
  • Active market knowledge helping to identify projects, test feasibility and set design standards.
  • Sound market judgement through experience with leading developers, operators and occupiers.

Computer Aided Design

Our extensive computer drafting bureau provides a rapid and accurate service tour designers. 3-D colour visualization from any view-point aids our concept design groups. Other team members also use the system to benefit from our architectural database enabling us to provide fully co-ordinated contract drawings, integrating structure and services engineering.

Working Method

 Our office sets the pace. We have a commanding knowledge of the construction industry which is reflected in our working method. Through this we control the production, timing and quality of co-ordinated project information. We direct resources, brief and plan, involve expert consultants, run regular value engineering sessions, apply quality control use secure administrative techniques. A group of our senior directors knows and cares for each project at all times. Our concentration on full research and preparation supports our clients and gives strength tour concepts. Explicit briefs aid team co-ordination by defining the development context, occupier requirements and all other project data. Where fast-track programmes are required, we promote early and close co-operation between the building and design teams. Joint examination of every aspect of the project ensures cost efficiency and buildability.